In this extract Angela McFarland tells us about getting pocket money as a child, she says it wasn't an awful lot but she points out that everybody was the same in those days. She says because everybody was in the same boat she didn't need an awful lot.

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And, did you get pocket money at all?

Ah yeah we all got pocket money, it wouldn’t be an awful lot but then there again you didn’t need an awful lot because everybody was in the one boat Deirdre, you know what I mean? I hadn’t got more than you, you hadn’t got more than me, we were all in the one boat.

And what would you spend your pocket money on?

Sweets I suppose!

What kind of sweets?

I don’t know, well I didn’t really eat much sweets because one of my sisters worked in Lemon’s and there was always bags of sweets there!


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Childhood, Relative deprivation



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"Angela McFarland notes that she didn't have much when she was a child but she points out that everybody was in the same boat.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #119 (accessed February 21 2018, 7:21 am)