In this extract Seamus Marken remembers that he used to meet his friends on the corner at night after his tea. He says that if they had any money they would go to the pictures. He describes the different cinemas he would go to and remembers that some where very run down. He laughs and says that in some cinemas you would be more interested in the fights going on in the back than in the film!

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And although you were working very hard and you were running about and stuff did you ever have time to meet with your friends and socialise?

Well you see you socialised at night, now you know, at that stage you met… we all met at the corner, you know, at night, after tea we’d go out to the corner… now, I would, sorry the rest of my family wouldn’t, my brother, he wouldn’t stand at the corner but it was all happening there, you know what I mean? Life was going by there.

What kind of things did you do?

Well if we had the money we went to the pictures, now, the pictures was the Plaza, the Roto which is the Rotunda, the Vaulta or the Mero… The Vaulta, well during the day it was three pence in, but if it was raining there were about 12 seats on the right hand side you couldn’t sit on because the rain was coming through the roof… if you went to the Masterpiece which was down on Talbot Street, we used to call that the Rats because there was a slaughterhouse next door and somebody would scream there was a rat gone over their foot! I’m sorry girls I don’t mean to…

Oh I know. I’m only just telling you about… this is how it was… on a Sunday night if we had the money we’d go to the Plaza, the Plaza was unbelievable, whatever picture was on the screen most times we stood up on the seats and looked back that way because there was usually a fight on at the back and we went up to see the fights rather than the picture!


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"Seamus Marken talks about the activities he and his friends would do when he was young. In particular he remembers going to the cinema.." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #111 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:52 am)