Dancehalls, Music and Radio

In this extract Angela McFarland talks about her love of dancing. She remembers that when she was younger she would go to the Metropole dance hall every Sunday to see the showbands at the time. She describes the dancehalls and remembers the fun she had there.

Dancing and music provide a common thread through many of the participants accounts. Dancehalls such as the Metropole were located around Dublin where young people took the opportunity to enjoy the touring showbands and to meet with friends. Gramophones were not widely common in the homes of the participants, therefore the dancehalls as well as radio were where people could hear music. Radio was also important as a source of information and news.

You can browse the material collected which pertains to music, dancing and radio by clicking on the link to the collection. The famous Irish tenor, John McCormack, is mentioned by some of the participants. The next page shows John McCormack performing his signature song 'I hear you calling me.'

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