In this extract Seamus Marken remembers that he used to meet his friends on the corner at night after his tea. He says that if they had any money they would go to the pictures. He describes the different cinemas he would go to and remembers that some were very run down. He laughs and says that in some cinemas you would be more interested in the fights going on in the back than in the film!

The cinema provided a major source of entertainment for the participants in their early lives. Dublin had numerous cinemas to choose from, many of which are now closed down in favour of large multi-screen complexes. The cinemas described by the participants were located in the inner city as well as on the outskirts in places such as Cabra or Phibsborough. They ranged from the high end choices such as the Savoy which is still on O'Connell street in the center of Dublin today to the less plush cinemas described by Seamus Marken. The participants remembered the cinemas which provided entertainment to them as children in the form of the black and white western and cowboy films. They also remember the cinema as an important venue for courting, this will be explored on page four.

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