This section of the Dublin City Life exhibition includes recollections, stories and images which explore what it was like to live in Dublin when the participants were young. This was a time without the modern tools for entertainment we now take for granted. The participants share joyful recollections of dancehalls, music, storytelling as well as cinemas and courting.

On page two of this section you will find material relating to books, reading and storytelling. Page three presents some recollections and images of cinemas. Cinemas or 'the pictures' represent a very important element of social life in Dublin for the participants. Page four of this section provides some information and memories pertaining to that favourite of past-times, dancing and music. This page provides a link to all of the material relating to music, radio and dancehalls including images and sounds. On page five you can see and listen to voice of Irish tenor John McCormack. Finally, page six of this section deals with courtship and romance as recounted by the participants.