Food and Cooking

In this extract Hugh Smullen talks about his grandmother's cooking. He remembers that she was a good cook and that she used to cook on a range that was heated by the fire. He says they had no gas cooker only the fire and a range.

This is a good example of the cooking conditions which were common in the participant's recollections of their early lives. Most houses did not have gas cookers or electricity. Many families, at this time, relied on the single fire for their heating as well as for cooking particularly during the war when there was a shortage of fuel.

By clicking on the link below the picture gallery you can explore the participant's recollections of food as well as cooking conditions. You will see that, whilst many remember the difficult conditions under which their mothers and grandmothers cooked, they also fondly recall the food they ate as a child. Pig's trotters, sheep's head, lamb tripe, beef heart and coddle were some of the treats listed by the participants. These foods are not common in the typical Dubliner diet of today!

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