Home Life:

The material in this section of the Dublin City Life exhibition is divided into three categories. The first category, housing conditions, can be seen on page two. This page accounts for the typical condition of houses in the inner city during the early life of the participants. Newspaper articles as well as archival photographs are used to supplement the participant's stories. An extract from the housing report undertaken in 1914 which examines the living conditions of Dublin's unskilled labour can be viewed on page three. On the fourth page you will find the food and cooking category. On this page the participants recollect the types of food they ate when they were younger as well as the typical cooking conditions. The fifth page presents the content collected pertaining to relative deprivation. The participants acknowledge that housing conditions and home life were often characterised by poverty, however they point out that everybody was in the same boat at that time. The final page provides an example of the strategies that were used to overcome constrained living circumstances which required people to be resourceful and creative.