Social Support

In this extract Seamus Marken remembers being chastised by his father because he refused to run an errand for an old woman who lived on Moore Street as he wanted to continue playing a game of chasing with his friends. His father ensured that he apologised to the woman and that he did any message she wanted. Seamus remembers that this was an important lesson for him about the importance of social support, one he never forgot.

A vital function of the community networks and ties, recollected by the participants, was in the provision of support to individuals within the community. The city was highly populated at this time and community ties were strong. Furthermore, the participants noted that everybody was in relatively the same boat in terms of economic well-being and stability. In the early lives of the participants there was very little in terms of state provision of welfare or social support. As a result very often people relied on each other in times of need.

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Selection of images relating to social support, a vital function of community in the recollections of the participants.