Dublin Characters and Street Life

In this extract Hugh Smullen recollects the sounds that were common place when he was young. He remembers the noise of the city trams on the street where he grew up and the sound of the horses hooves clipping along the street. He talks about the taxi cabs which were horse drawn and were used by the wealthy people in the city. He remembers he used to "scut" on the taxi cabs, this means that he would hitch a lift on them by sitting on the axle of the cab.

Dublin city street life was a vital theme which emerged from the interviews with the participants. The heart of Dublin was to be found on its streets; whether it be in the famous characters known around the city such as 'Bang Bang', or in the hard working and no nonsense business conducted by the traders. In the absence of television, and in many cases radio or gramophones, these participants found their entertainment, their information and gossip, as well as their livelihood on the streets of the city.

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