This section of the Dublin City Life exhibition contains recollections and references to community life in Dublin city. Community was a very significant theme which emerged from the participant's stories and memories of their early lives. Their accounts contain references to the friendships, social supports and social roles performed within the community. These features provide an important counterbalance to the acknowledgment of the difficult or constraining circumstances associated with inner city living.

This section is divided into four themes. On page two you can view the material which pertains to Dublin characters and street life. This theme also includes reference to the 'grapevine' which operated on the highly populated inner city streets. The 'grapevine' was the primary means of disseminating and obtaining information for many of the participants. The third page contains information relating to the gendered roles performed within the community particularly by women. Social support, a vital element of community life for many of the participants, is explored on page four.