'Former Prize Baby Blighted'


From the Irish Press 'Slum Evil' Series, October 19th 1936 p.9 - 'Former prize baby blighted'

Sub-headings- 'Desperate Mother Tells Tragic Story: Doctors Call Help' Two photos accompanying article - under heading 'Once Radiant Child, Now a Victim' 1. Shows Carmel Stapleton, a prizewinning baby in a Dublin Health Competition March 1932; 2. 'October 1936 - Wilted by pneumonia, Carmel stands pitifully by her mother's side. In her mother's arms is Pauline, her infant sister, who suffers from the same affliction'. Also on this page - 'Women Workers Seek Part in Activity to Eliminate Slums' - President Mrs. S. Kennedy and Secretary Miss Louie Bennett of the Irish Women Workers' Union comment on the housing problem. Also announcement of an anonymous donation of £5,000 from 'a Dublin lady of a well-known Catholic family' towards 'the building of suitable dwellings for the Dublin poor.'

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Relative deprivation, Tenement housing, Dublin, Infant mortality


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"'Former Prize Baby Blighted'." Lifescapes: Mapping Dublin Lives, Item #118 (accessed February 23 2018, 4:46 am)