Expectations and Gendered Experiences:

In Irish society today a greater number of people can expect to live into a healthy and active old age than ever before in the history of the state. This is largely attributed to advances in health care provision throughout the life course of an individual particularly as this relates to diet as well as adequate sanitation, housing and welfare amenities. In many ways this can be regarded as one of the greatest achievements of our modern society.

There is still much to do in terms of providing for the full participation of all older people in Irish society, including those who are dependent on the provision of care. However, older Irish people today are experiencing a very different later life than that of their parents and can reach higher than ever before in terms of their expectations for health, education, social participation and a full life.

This section is divided into two pages. The first page discusses general expectations the participants have for their later life. These expectations are placed in the context of the achievements of Irish society, during the lifetime of the participants, in improving the quality of life experienced by older people. The second page focuses on gender and on what the participants perceive to be the differences between how men and women age.