Through an assessment of their experiences of growing older, the Bridge-IT participants reveal fascinating insights into the process of ageing. These insights include an account of the strategies used to negotiate the bodily experience of growing older as well as recognition of the accumulation of life experience and knowledge. This exhibition in the Lifescapes project focuses on ageing and experience and is divided into four sections. The first section looks at the expectations for later life which are held by the participants as well as reflections over their life experiences which are shaped and conditioned by gender. The second section focuses on the importance of social engagement and remaining active in later life. In the third section the participants reflect upon the effect of ageing on their bodies and reveal some of their strategies for overcoming bodily constraints associated with later life. Finally, the knowledge and wisdom accumulated by these fascinating individuals is explored in the final section of the exhibit. The participants reveal important insights into our evolving society as well as into the human condition more generally.


  • Expectations and Gendered Experiences

    Click here to find out more about the participant's expectations for later life as well as their perceptions of ageing.

  • Activities and Social Engagement

    Click here to find out more about the Bridge-IT participant's views on social engagement and activities in later life.

  • The Ageing Body

    Click here to listen to the participants discuss their experiences of ageing in relation to declining physical health and strength.

  • Wisdom and Experience

    In this section you can listen to the participants talk about their life experiences and the lessons learned by older Dubliners reflecting on a long life.