Dublin Characters and Street Life

The sounds and characters of the Dublin City streets were recollected by many of the Bridge-IT participants. This collection includes all the material relating to Dublin characters and personalities as well as the life of the Dublin streets. The material is linked to the Dublin City Life exhibition under the section called Community.


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Featured items from collection

Leslie Greer remembers the sounds of her childhood
Betty Dempsey notes the ways in which her area has changed
Seamus Marken recalls that he and his family relied on the grapevine in order to get news.
Jim Quinn describes how word of mouth was an important source of information when he was a child.
Angela McFarland remembers that news and information was passed around from mouth to mouth when she was a child.
The Flats - Leo Byrne takes a stroll down Pearse Street.
Hugh Smullen recollects the sounds that were common place when he was young.
Speaking volumes: a Dublin childhood [extract pp28-33]
Hugh Smullen remembers Alfie Byrne, the much loved Lord Mayor of Dublin.

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