Wisdom and Experience

Ageing can often be associated with the accumulation of a lifetime of experience and the endowment of wisdom. This collection includes material which relates to ageing and wisdom based on life experience, this material is linked to the exhibition on ageing.


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Featured items from collection

Hugh Smullen reflects on the benefits of being older
Eileen McCann reflects that things (and men!) have improved
Betty Watson talks about the benefits of growing older
Betty Watson considers the differences between then and now
Leslie Greer talks about giving advice to a woman from Angola who lives near her.
Seamus Marken talks about the importance of his faith to him.
Seamus Marken recalls the high levels of alcholism among men when he was a child.
Hugh Smullen talks about learning the value of patience in his later life.
Betty Watson talks about the wisdom that she has gained through her life experiences.
Betty Watson talks about the lack of educational opportunities available to her during her early life.
Betty Watson expresses regret at having to leave school at 14. She reflects on the deprivation of education in her early life.

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