The narratives of the Bridge-IT participants include references to their working lives which very often began at age 14. This collection includes all material which relates to work and is linked to the Dublin City Life exhibition under the section called work and family as well as the exhibition on childhood.


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Seamus Marken remembers how hard it was to make some extra money for the family
Marie Murphy talks about work and street trading
Hugh Smullen on wages and the importance of handing them up
Betty Dempsey remembers starting work at age 14
Marie Murphy remembers the different types of work undertaken by her family
Marie Murphy talks about her fruit and veg stall which has been in her family for three generations
Seamus Marken talks about his work as a journeyman butcher in Sumerhill and in Moore Street
Jim Quinn remembers starting work as a seaman when he was 16 years old
Hugh Smullen remembers the instability of employment and the various jobs he undertook
Hugh Smullen describes the very physical work that he undertook during his life
Betty Watson reflects on the expectations she had as a young woman.
Hugh Smullen vividly recalls his working life which started at age 14.
Eileen McCann talks about leaving school at 14 and starting work in Jacob's factory.
Angela McFarland remembers starting full-time work at age 14.
It's a Long Way From Penny Apples (Extract pp.28-33)

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