Relative Deprivation

That all experience of poverty or deprivation is relative is supported by the accounts of the Bridge-IT participants. Whilst many recognised the poverty that was common in Dublin during their childhood and early life they also acknowledged that everybody around them was in a similar boat. This collection contains material which pertains to the theme of relative deprivation and is linked to the exhibition on Dublin City Life under the section called Home Life as well to the exhibition on Childhood.


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Hugh Smullen on the resourcefulness required to feed the family
Betty Dempsey looks at how prosperity has changed the houses around her
Betty Watson considers the changes in the community
Angela McFarland talks about the sense of community
Hugh Smullen talks about rationing when he was a child.
Hugh Smullen talks about when his father died and how difficult things were for his mother.
Hugh Smullen observes that in many ways he feels that children today are deprived of poverty.
Hugh Smullen talks about the poverty that was prevalent in Dublin during his childhood.
Angela McFarland compares her recollections of her own childhood with that of her grandchildren.
Angela McFarland notes that she didn't have much when she was a child but she points out that everybody was in the same boat.

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