Reading, games and entertainment

This collection contains material relating to books, reading and storytelling as well as the forms of games and entertainment mentioned in the narratives of the Bridge-IT participants. The material in this collection is linked to both the 'Dublin City Life' exhibition under the sub-theme of 'Living' as well as the exhibition on 'Childhood'.


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Marie Murphy remembers playing the street game 'round towers'
May Smullen remembers a childhood game she played
Hugh Smullen on skateing and the rules of street fighting
Hugh Smullen on 'combo' and how marbles were played
Hugh Smullen talks about books and reading
Angela McFarland remembers childhood games
The Flats
Hugh Smullen remembers how his father would sit in front of the fire and tell stories to the children.
Hugh Smullen remembers his first bike which is grandmother bought for him.
Carmel O'Reilly remembers when she was a child she would often go with her family to the Shelley Banks.
Seamus Marken talks about the importance of newspapers in his family.
Jim Quinn remembers the different books he read as a child.
Jim Quinn talks about the different newspapers that he bought.
Hugh Smullen remembers that he was an avid reader as a child.
Seamus Marken talks about the importance of books and reading during his life.

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